Jabu the Elephant Trumpet Ringtone: $10

jabu trunk call.jpg
jabu trunk call.jpg

Jabu the Elephant Trumpet Ringtone: $10


For a $10 donation, you can download Jabu’s authentic Trumpet ringtone to your iphone device. Take Jabu with you, wherever you go! Designed for the donor in mind - all proceeds go to Jabu’s care. African Elephants make wonderful vocalizations and we are proud to offer donors this one.

Voice: Jabu!

Sound recording by Doug and Sandi Groves

Sound Editing: Owen Envik

Please note the following download instructions. You will need iTunes and an iPhone to make this easy :)

  1. You will get the ringtone file in an email from LWE saying your digital download has arrived.

  2. Click on that file and save this file to your DESKTOP.

  3. Plug in your iPhone device to your computer desktop.

  4. Go to iTunes on your desktop and find your phone device (should be listed on the left bar).

  5. Go down to TONES folder.

  6. Click and drag your new JabuElephantRingtoneTrumpet.m4r file to the TONES folder.

  7. Now you have the ringtone available to you on your phone

  8. So go to your iPhone, and click on Settings, Sounds, Ringtones

  9. JabuElephantRingtoneTrumpet should show up as a tone

  10. Select this for your new ringtone!

  11. Come back again as we will upload his other six vocalizations only Jabu can make!

    email livingwithelephants@shaw.ca if you have questions and we will attempt to help you out! Or google it! We can guarantee all systems work - but please appreciate this is a reward for your donation and all the proceeds go to Jabu’s care.

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