Jabu the Elephant Supported by Donors and Vets Around the World

We are happy to report that we are about to embark on the next treatment protocol for Jabu while we wait for the orthotic support brace to return. Doug, Sandi, and myself (Kelsey) have been gathering as much information on osteo-arthritis and carpal vulgas as we can from 8 elephant veterinarians (and growing) around the world. We are so overwhelmed at the willingness of these internationally renowned specialists to help voluntarily, since all of them are busy saving wild lives in their own research institutions, zoos or sanctuaries around the world. We cannot thank these  veternarians enough for their donation of time and skills to review and comment on Jabu's case. Soon we will let you know more about who these superheroes are!

In the meantime, you should know that we have decided with the help of this team and our regional vets (Saving the Survivors and Dr. Jackson) to go ahead with the next best and proven drug treatment, called polysulphate sodium (known as Pentosan in Southern Africa). Polysulphate Sodium has been used on a few elephants and we are learning that they experienced benefit from this protocol. Some of you will know the drug for its wide use on horses and dogs- maybe even on your own knees or hips to avoid surgery! If you would like more specific details, please let us know by email at info@withelephants.org.

jabu the elephant

Since Jabu is a large bull, we need a fair quantity for this big guy! Here is the nitty gritty: Jabu is 6000 kg, he thus requires a dose of 72ml intramuscularly/injection. For USD$7000 we can provide  a six month protocol of 1 dose/week for four weeks and the continual dose every two weeks for five more months. Funds raised on the Stand With Jabu gofundme which totals USD$6306 today can be used to order 6 months of Pentosan. We want to thank the numerous donors that helped to make this happen. Jabu will receive, and continue to obtain the best treatments we can find, thanks to you. 

The next step to track this treatment efficacy and provide more detailed diagnosis, is to bring Saving the Survivors vets back up from South Africa to do more diagnostic imaging (x-rays) on Jabu, at higher resolution (they have a bigger machine now!), to see how he is fairing post-brace. We need this information for elephant-tested therapies going forward such as Mesenchymal stem cell therapy (MSC) and Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP). Any future donations will fund these critical next steps. We so appreciate your generosity to #StandWithJabu.  Watch for more details here and on the Foundation Facebook page.

Oh, Jabu has his own YouTube channel! Check it out! 

Author: Kelsey Envik  Photos/Video: Sandi Groves