Doug Groves and Sandi Groves keep Jabu and Morula safe from fires

Doug Groves, Sandi Groves, Jabu and Morula, have been battling through many anxious smokey days this past week. Normally, the Okavango Delta flood waters keep fires in check.  With the flood arriving later than normal (and it is still not in), fires are able to quickly take advantage of the dry conditions. Since Jabu and Morula graze in the wild, it is of upmost importance their safety is ensured.  In addition to their proximity to fire, the Groves worry about damage fire could cause on forage for wildlife (including Jabu and Morula's) in the area. With sharp eyes, keen trunks and good quick communications, the Groves were able to alarm nearby camp staff to help. Thank you to all who helped the Living With Elephants herd!!

Jabu Dodo Heroes star in hazy skies

Author: Kelsey Envik   Guardians: Doug and Sandi Groves    Photo: Sandi Groves