Injections for Jabu to help him battle his osteo-arthritis

Yesterday Doug, Sandi and Dr. Rob Jackson made a second attempt at injecting Jabu with his joint support medication (Pentosan Polysulfate). Pentosan helps to rebuild cartilage in the joint. Jabu reacted badly to the first shot three weeks go, so this time around he was prepped with cortisone to avoid adverse (toxic or allergic) reactions. Doug had to inject the cortisone by IV into an ear vein. As seen here Jabu handles his injections exceptionally well. I think Doug and Dr. Jackson must be standing on a stool of some kind to get up to Jabu's ear height!

Jabu is incredibly trusting and makes it a lot easier for others to pull out all the stops to help him. Twenty minutes after the cortisone, the Pentosan was injected intramuscularly into the hamstrings. Jabu received 50ml of Pentosan in two separate sites. Swelling can be an issue with Pentosan but Jabu showed no tissue reaction or discomfort at all.  You can see Sandi busy with Jabu passing him oranges, and talking sweetly to him - no different than you and I would do with our own children. This was a very stressful time for Doug and Sandi, as you can imagine. But with Dr. Jackson's careful watch and counsel, and Jabu's steady and calm demeanour, all went well! Weekly shots will now ensue and we hope the meds to do their magic and Jabu will feel some relief soon.

Jabu spent the afternoon, as per normal, wandering the bush, and Dr. Jackson kept pace carrying the emergency kit along, including oxygen in a rather large backpack. Thank you to everyone who supports this big boy.

A special shout out today to Lois and Michael Mark for their $500 donation towards sponsoring one of Jabu's pentosan shots! His needs are large, but so are the hearts of his supporters. Thank you! 

Author: Kelsey Envik    Photo/Video: Sandi Groves    Guardians: Doug and Sandi Groves