Jabu Features on the Premiere of Animal Planet Dodo Heroes Series June 9 at 9pm

Elephant sized news from Animal Planet today! Jabu will be featured on the Premiere episode of Dodo Heroes TV Series June 9th at 9pm! We are so excited! This will surely help our mission of getting Jabu the support he needs for future therapies. Please share this trailer with your friends and enjoy the show along with us.

Your donations will help pay for the array of treatments (preventive arthritic oral drugs, glue-on shoes, stem cell therapy etc) we have lined up for Jabu. Most of these therapies are coming from the United States to Botswana and therefore get costly with the size of Jabu's needs (remember he is 6-7 tons!). "The world is better because Jabu is in it". Thank you! Click and share:

Author: Kelsey Envik       Trailer: Animal Planet      Guardians: Doug and Sandi Groves