Living With Elephants Foundation reports extra-large X-rays complete on our XL bull, Jabu the Elephant

We are happy to report that Jabu's much anticipated X-rays are "in the bag". We are so relieved we finally have some excellent radiographs of our big guy! 

For interest sake we tried x-raying above the carpus (the wrist) to see if we could see his long bones (the ulna and radius) but were unsuccessful. Even the most powerful imaging equipment on the market, which we were using, is unable to penetrate all that muscle. Guess no one anticipated x-raying someone of Jabu's stature when building these machines. We so are so grateful we were able to loan this equipment.

As you can see Jabu was a model patient and happily allowed the team of vets to do what was needed. He makes it so easy to help him.



Jabu’s X-rays were taken by placing a plate on one side of his leg and a generator which produces the X-rays or gamma rays on the other. This particular generator weighs about 50 pounds and has to be held very still to avoid blurry images. Jabu also had to hold his leg very still. A green marker was placed on Jabu’s leg to mark the carpus joint (or wrist joint) as this was our area of focus.

We will have the results in approx 10 days. In the meantime, we will continue with his cartilage supporting drug and supplement regime. We want to thank the team of skilled wildlife vets who so graciously gave of their time, expertise and equipment loan. 

Jabu continues to need supporters and donors like you. As his condition changes, we have to step up the therapies and this means extra large costs for our extra large friend. Thank you for being Jabu's Hero! 


Author: Sandi Groves & Kelsey Envik  Photo: Sandi Groves    Guardians: Doug & Sandi Groves