Jabu Needs Gigantic Sized Treatments and Funds - see his injury story here

Hello friends of Jabu! As seen in this great new trailer by The Dodo and Animal Planet above, Jabu's injury and attempts at treatment is quite the story. Please watch it at 9pm on June 9th with the world. Jabu's story continues to be a worrisome one. Since his condition is progressive, the next treatments will take a bit of a turn from joint stabilization. It will take further giant sized medical care to help Jabu, which means we need worldwide support from heroes like you.

In the very near term, we need to buy an XL x-ray machine not available in the country.  We have been bringing in one from South Africa - but it is needed there and the wait times are understandably long. We need  a machine to take continuous diagnostic images and if we could obtain one, we would like to share it in Botswana with other large mammals in need.  We are currently injecting Pentosan polysulphate intramuscularly to repair cartilage in his wrist joint. We have cortisone injections into the joint scheduled this month. Both are proven preventative drug therapies for osteo-orthritis. Glue on shoes are being constructed soon (after X-rays) in an attempt to help change Jabu's stance a bit to provide relief from joint cartilage wearing down. Remember Jabu is still growing! Jabu has elephant stem cells growing and expanding for him at Colorado State University Centre for Immune and Regenerative Medicine. This will be the first time in Africa for an elephant to receive this treatment. All of these treatments are gigantic in size and cost for our big guy. You can play a critical role in his care by supporting his needs and donating here. Thank you!!!! 

Update June 10th! Important. Today Doug and Sandi gave Jabu his third injection of Pentosan, a cartilage repairing drug, used with great success in race horses. Many of you will remember that Jabu had a bad reaction to the first injection. Last week they had Jabu's local vet come help and show the Groves how to give the IV cortisone to prevent any adverse negative reactions. Today Doug and Sandi successfully administered the cortisone ourselves. Of course we were a little anxious but we always have full faith in Jabu to walk us though what needs to be done. His trust in our ability to help him is a huge responsibility. We are hoping that these shots will ease Jabu's osteoarthritis and he will start feeling more comfortable soon.

Author: Kelsey Envik and Sandi Groves   Video: Animal Planet (above) and Sandi Groves (bottem)