By Douglas Groves

Accompanying Jabu, Thembi and Morula on their daily foraging expeditions has given me plenty of time to ruminate. Watching them play, feed, mud-bath and interact - I wished all elephants could be as secure and happy.

Reflecting on the unusually harmonious relationship we have with our elephants, it concerned me how differently from myself most rural dwellers living in elephant range experience elephants.

Knowing that the majority of Africa's elephants live outside of protected wildlife areas, the enormous importance of the relationship between people and elephants became obvious to me. I felt there must be a way that we could help relieve tension between villagers and elephants.

Thus my vision of an organization dedicated to promoting harmonious relationships between elephants and people gradually came to fruition. It is with great joy that we at Living With Elephants share this dream with you in the pages that follow.

Sincerely Yours,

Douglas Groves