Jabu and Morula will see you at Sanctuary Retreats!

We invite you to explore Africa with us from an elephant's-eye perspective, walking in the gigantic and silent footsteps of nature's great masterpiece. To discover the elephant, from the bristled ends of their skin to the silken polish of their ivory.

Book your visit to Living With Elephants sanctuary with the Sanctuary Baines and Stanley's camps direct, and on the day you will join us in the bush for the experience of a lifetime.

As part of a unique learning adventure, you will accompany the herd on one of their daily foraging treks. Immersed in elephant life, warm bonds of kinship grow from a newly found appreciation of this other creative intelligence. During this special time with the trio, guests also learn about Living With Elephants’ objectives and initiatives.

You will explore the astonishing bonds of kinship forged over more than two decades between the elephants and their guardians in a wilderness of mesmerizing beauty.

A delicate blink of Morula's long lashes reveals her sensitive yet powerful personality. Jabu takes you hand in trunk, with his bold and generous nature, and together you slowly uncover the age-old secrets of the African elephant and the mysteries of the surrounding wilderness.